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Mar 24, 2013 1:40pm EDT
anti-americanism, and be sensitive to the church of anti-american as? to the kerry said people? gusto americans seem to have a record of worrying about this. not only do i find the term itself is used as early as 1767. it appears in the papers of the founding generation franklin, jefferson and correspondent a term that was fought over by left and right through the 19th century and pretty much one by conservatives as a term to quash dissent and social and on policies in the united states and became an official concerned beginning during the second world war and especially the cold war when we began to have a scientific approach to analyzing the sewers and coming up with policies to combat it. the problem is that the soppy category. it's a term that reduces cognitive backs the sum total of our knowledge. it doesn't explain foreign behavior. principal diversity of positions abroad are on the same. the problem is they don't think like us. there are rational people i talk about latin americans, there hot-blooded and that's why they're having a protest right now. not for example because we
Mar 18, 2013 6:30am EDT
-day equivalent of this would be sector estate john kerry versus virginia senator mark warner. so they're right here on the day of the duel. after randolph had given a speech on the senate floor, calling click a blacklist which is a simply a corrupt gambler. i did not like this. they ended up having a duel together. they arrived here. on the morning of the duel they were handed weapons. they shot at each other. both sides miss. they were headed new weapons. a shot at each other, and missed again. and so they came together, and so rendell said to click, you owe me a new coat, mr. clay, because the bullet had pierced his code. so clay said to randolph, well, i'm glad the dead is not greater. >> right now we are at jones point. were standing on top of the southernmost tip of the district of columbia. this is the boundary marker that was late in 1791, when the federal government was creating that district of columbia. we look at the map of the map of district of columbia, it looks diamond shaped. but if you look at a modern map of d.c., it looks like moths have eaten the southern half of it. that's
Mar 24, 2013 5:00pm EDT
and the sons of iraq also known as -- which are essentially a raiders, kerry militants, whatever you want to call them, hired as extras duty guards by the united states military. a lot of these guys were former insurgents who were just not necessarily die hard for the cause but were just looking for a paycheck. and yes, if you're wondering, shouldn't they be on the same side? yes, they should be. but between sunni shia rivalry and personal rivalries, it all got mixed up. so somehow we're on the other side of town but somehow a firefight between the two of them kicked off and we rolled straight in the middle of it. we conducted straight at the cat which effectively ended the firefight. it was much like the band of brothers when they get back behind the tank and press north. that's exactly what we did. with my staff sergeant who was three steps ahead of me and initiate in fact, that's what he got from him was the brothers. [laughter] so i guess it would be art imitating life -- i don't know. i'm not going to waste time with that, but you will lose brain cells that way. so i came back and la
Mar 24, 2013 7:45pm EDT
by private counsel. it's one of the else's traditions that anyone that he can't come kerry i can be hurt by the solicitor general personally for united states files a brief in the supreme court. but prepared carefully and as sharp questions at these meetings. as he said in the book, he tried to advance the position of the executive branch, not his own fears. i never saw him favors on position and misunderstand. you conflate knowledge, understanding and intellectual integrity. i plan to tally the stories behind three of these cases. but first i want to mention the last of the solicitor general's tasks, oral argument. bob bork was the best oral advocate is any justice to tell you any argued a lot. twice every session are 14 times the return of the supreme court. his successor as solicitor general attempt to argue between five and 10 cases a year. not bob. he loved to give and take great on his feet. often the main task of an advocate for the united states is to find a new argument to replace the bad one that lost the case in the court of appeals. sometimes the task of an advocate is to pat
Mar 24, 2013 10:30am EDT
but they allowed to consider kerry in many places is much easier than united states. a taxpayer have all occurred in very few places where guns are banned. they seem to seek out places within the dems can't defend themselves. the way to think about this is these people are committing suicides. you read their statement, look at the videotapes. they want to do so in a way that people will know who they are. the chilling to is they say explicitly that i could only kill more people than such a such attacks did, the killer was apparently comparing himself to the region killer and parent of the reason he picked the school with these young kids as he thought he could kill a lot of people without being stopped. so they think they can get by media coverage by going and killing the people in the array. nobody's out here saying we should get rid of the first amendment orban media outlet from going into the news coverage of these killers are being prevented from mentioning their names. an hour after his attack, even though i believe strongly that would stop or take away the benefit, but instead people instan
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5